Insecure About Fake Breasts? Advice Podcast #05

October 10, 2016

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In this episode of our critically Un-acclaimed advice podcast we lend a helping hand to those with tits too large to stand straight. Below is a list of all of the questions we answered and the times we answered them on this show, be sure to subscribe for future episodes! 

1: (04:22) Freaking out because of wedding? 

2: (15:29) I'm super insecure about my fake breasts, what do I do? 

3: (40:53) I found gay photos on my boyfriends laptop? 

4: (57:37) Husbands birthday is coming up, what do I do? 

Dead Beat Daddy? Advice Podcast #4.5

October 3, 2016
In this episode of our Critically Un-Acclaimed Advice Show we discuss what its like to look younger than you are and more importantly, what to do if your daughter likes an idiot.

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16 and Pregnant? Advice Podcast #04

September 25, 2016
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In this episode of our Critically Un-Acclaimed Podcast we discuss why not to get pregnant at 16, and how to pick up girls in a bar! Listen to us shame ourselves and others in part one of this weird internet thing.

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Pee Cup? (with special guest Corbin Owens!) Advice Podcast #03

September 18, 2016
In this episode of our Critically In-Acclaimed Podcast we discuss How to tell when your going to be drug tested, and what to do if you lied about your age!

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Racist Brother? Advice Podcast #02

September 4, 2016
In this episode of the Drawing Board Advice Podcast we discuss what it's like to have a racist brother, and why no one wants to sit next to you on the bench.

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Where to get weed? Advice Podcast #01

August 26, 2016
Welcome to the introductory episode of the Drawing Board Podcast! This week we tackle some of life's hardest questions such as:

1: How to lower my Husbands sex drive?

2:Does being related to bad people make you bad?

3: Boyfriend's Mom upset I got an abortion, what do I do?

4:Where to get weed?

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