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In this episode we sit down with Aaron, Eric, and Adam from the Pop Punk Band Wait For It. (Morgan likes them so you will too) We talk about the creation of their first album, "Life in the Real World", as well as the controversial but hilarious forming of their group. We also took your questions about prenuptial avoidance and cross country road trips. Lastly, I want to thank Aaron, Eric, and Adam for doing our silly show and blessing our Spotify with some kick-ass songs. 

When asked how they can best be supported the band says to wait for their new music which should be arriving soon. BUT I don't think they would be upset if I told you guys about their live show in Morgantown, WV this Saturday with Eternal Boy and Forever Strong. If you are a local listener there's a link below to buy tickets. If you don't live locally just chill lol, they are working on new shit. 


The Boys: 

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